Author: robertmichaelmathews2014

reflection of the class

I have really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot about computers I originally took the class because I like computers and have even considered it as my career. Learning to code has been fun and it has helped me have a better understanding of computers. This class has also been helpful because now when have projects and assignments I can pretty much navigate throughout the documents and put together Keynotes. I also enjoyed sketchup but its not exactly the most easy program t work with. The project that was most fun for me was coding with: hopscotch, scratch, and hour of code. Over all this has been a very enjoyable class and I am very fond of how we learn so much without all the quizzes and test.



I think that people should learn to code because in 2014 there is so much technology around us that if you aren’t some what digitally literate then you’ll be some what in the dark. I personally think I should learn to code because I like computers and if I wanted to become a computer scientist or a software developer then I would have a better understanding of computers and how they operate. Also the article said that computer scientist make six figures so… that would also be very good for my career and additionally I like technology. In conclusion, learning to code would be wise because I could not wkly make games, but its also very good for your brain because you wouldn’t normally think like that.

SketchUp and Hopscotch

I think you made us play around and build houses in SketchUp because you wanted us to get use to designing different things on a computer. I thought that SketchUp was a good way to do this because we could practically build anything. HopScotch was also a good way to show us to to program and design games and in the app it was extremely easy give a character a command for example you could give the monkey a command to move side to side.

Britney Spears (misuses the internet)

We can learn form Britney Spears because she in the past has had pictures of her online while she was in a drunken state. This has greatly ruined her reputation. Britney also has ruined her reputation by also having pictures online of herself undressed. Britney is also supposedly to have been in ands out of rehab centers. Lastly people thinks her lowest moment was when she broke up with her husband through a text message.



The time line shows that is country is has progressed over the years and has developed technology that allows us to experience a more fluent everyday life. Over the years this technology has enhanced our learning and allowed us to discover new technology much more faster than before, in the timeline you can see how the inventions and discoveries are rapidly sped up in the 1900s. During the 1900 media was wide spread because things like the radio came out and eventually site like Twitter and Facebook.


What I had learned about electricity is that when particles like protons or electrons are electrically charged by friction or “lost” by a natural “blockade” and then they make electricity. Electricity  I also learned that voltage is and electrical force that pushes electrons which “rides” with currents that turn on your lights. Power surges can be caused by lightning strikes which can harm anything plugged into the wall which is why you would use a surge protector. Benjamin Franklin demonstrated that lightning is electricity charged storms. Lightning is also the most deadly phenomena know to man. The bolt temperatures are hotter than the sun’s surface. 

Digitally Literate

     Being Digitally Literate means that you are able to understand and process what you are doing. It also means that if you have a problem then you know how to generally fix it. Being Digitally Literate also means that you can use the computer or device to its full extent. Just because you can surf the web or check email doesn’t mean you are digitally literate because chances are you probably don’t know exactly what’s happening or how to the computer works in order to properly control it. To  be digitally literate you should know how to doit things along the lines of installing applications, updating software, and editing things.